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Series 1000 Drill Unit

The Series 1000 Drill Unit is a pneumatic controlled self-feeding drill. Pneumatic stroke controls allow it to perform many basic drilling operations. Operations difficult to perform manually can be setup for continuous trouble free production. Stroke control is adjusted by varying the line pressure and controlling the flow rate with pneumatic flow controls.

The main features of the Series 1000 Drill Unit are:

  • Self feeding capabilities with compressed air
  • Thrust forces to 100 lbs on shop air
  • Multiple drives available to suit the application
  • Spindles speeds to 15,000 RPM
  • Spindle Stroke 0" to 1-1/2"
  • Narrow width for close center drilling
  • Built-in precision depth control
  • All position mounting
  • Easily upgraded to our Series 1100 Drill Unit
  • Standard Precision ER Style Collet Chuck

Small Precision Holes

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Series 1100 Drill Unit

The Series 1100 Drill Unit is based on the Series 1000 Drill Unit with the addition of a Hydro Speed feed control. This additional control is useful when a clean hole breakthrough, improved hole roundness in thin sections, very small holes, larger holes or when two-speed operation is desired. Two-speed feed rate is standard. The pneumatic feed controls the less critical work approach and the Hydro Speed cylinder, when its' rod contacts the built-in stop, controls the critical work penetration rate. The cylinder does not increase the width of the unit. This feature is appreciated when drilling closely spaced holes. Maintenance is also simplified since it can be adjusted or replaced without disturbing the Drill Unit body.

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