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Self Feeding Drill Example

Self feed Drill Units provide both a precision motor driven spindle and pneumatic feed in one compact package.  The Engineering needed for Automatic Drilling is available in one unit with many years of reliable field use with reliable product and spare parts support always available.

We have three Series of drilling units to cover hole sizes from .020" (1/2mm) up to 2-3/8"(60mm) depending on the material and volume of holes to be drilled.  When holes are spaced closer than about 6" we can provide both our Adjustable Spindle Heads or our Fixed Pattern Heads to use in-place of the single hole drill chuck.

The animated drawing below displays the rotating and stroking operations as built into our Drill Units.

automatic feed drill unit

Some Typical Drill-Unit Applications are:

  • High volume production drilling to save labor

  • Hole drilling operations requiring repeatable accuracy

  • Drill Units to replace expensive CNC equipment and reduce employee training requirements

  • Self-Feeding Drill Units to automate multiple hole sequencing in less operations

  • Deep Hole Drilling - Drill Unit peck feeding control to automate a manual multiple step peck operation

  • Automatic hole drilling in any direction or at any angle.  Expensive four or five axis CNC machines are not required.

  • Small Hole Drilling - Self feed and hydraulic feed controls can reduce tooling problems

  • Limited Access Drilling - Drill Unit's compact size and optional multiple spindle or offset heads are ideal for these situations

Automation pneumatic, electrical or PLC controls complete the drill system.  Industrial pneumatic valves, sized correctly, provide reliable reciprocal forward and reverse stroking.  Many optional controls are available to handle most requested applications.

Free application and engineering assistance is provided.  View the "Application Examples" page for some of our many successful projects.